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Cryo Sauna

Cryo Sauna is a brand new equipment for health improving of the whole body. Cryo Sauna corrects physiological processes, restores natural balance, stimulates metabolism and immune system. Courses of treatment in Cryo Sauna are short (2-3 min) and generate fast positive reaction. The results of Cryotherapy can be seen in 5-10 min after the session and last up to 6 hours.

Cryo SaunaCryo Sauna "Krion" is the most reliable and secure device for Cryotherapy, in which human is immersed in Cryogenic gas only up to his shoulders. Head is always stays above the cabin which allows breathing fresh air. Cold gas is naturally heavier than the air and will "flow" down, avoiding human's breath air intake area. In addition, space above the upper section of Cryo Sauna is vented. There is also a lifting device (cabin floor) which allows procedure application to different height customers.

Basis of Cryo Sauna operation is that skin surface is cooled down below 0 °C (32 °F) temperature. For the outer layer of the skin this short-term hypothermia is absolutely safe. At this point "chilled" skin receptors send so powerful signals to the brain that these signals are triggering immune system "reset" and activation. In order to properly cool the skin temperature of the gas should not be higher than -140 °C (-220 °F), and the time of contact with the skin at least 2 minutes. It is very important that the area of ​​contact between skin and gas should be as big as possible, i.e. the more body surface is immerses the better, as well as minimum clothing should be worn. The more skin receptors fall in sub-cooling zone, the greater and the longer the result are achieved.

Cryo Sauna consists of cabin with patient lifting device, a pump for pumping liquid nitrogen, Dewar vessel and storage of liquid nitrogen. The operation is simple: people are immersed for a short period of time up to their neck in the layer of Cryogenic gas (usually Nitrogen) that is cooled to a temperature below -130 °C (-200 °F). During the procedure, the patient's skin is cooled to -2 °C (28 °F). The reaction of the thermoregulatory system to skin's hypothermia provides physiotherapeutical result. The temperature in the cabin is maintained automatically in a range of -130 °C to -160 °C or -250 °F to -200 °F (almost constant).

Cryo SaunaDuring the actual procedure there are two phases: Preparatory and Effective.

The Preparatory phase of the procedure takes at least 120 sec and cools the skin from its normal state to a temperature of approximately 0 °C (32 °F). Physiotherapeutical effect of the procedure at this stage is very small.

During the second (Effective) stage, as the skin temperature approaches the surface temperature of -2 °C to 0 °C (28 °F to 32 °F), the stimulating effect of the procedure increases. The duration of the second phase determines the outcome of physiotherapy treatments. Point to remember: procedures of less than 120 sec are ineffective. To achieve high therapeutic effect set the exposure time for at least 150 sec (during your second session).

Cryo Sauna "Krion" is the most advanced, Cryo Saunareliable, and secure equipment for Cryotherapy, where all above requirements of the procedure are strictly observed and followed. Cryo Sauna "Krion" is designed for individual procedures on a localized pattern of patient contact with the coolant. Overall the Company "Krion" has been in business over 25 years and sold many installations world-wide, which proves the right approach to Cryotherapy.