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Cryotherapy is the medical and health-improving course of treatment, based on short contact of skin with cooled gas (-150 °C to -130 °C or -240 °F to -200 °F). Cryotherapy provides intensive stimulation of immune and basic body systems, generates endorphin saturation in blood and blocks pain of any origin.

CryotherapyCryotherapy is used widely for treatment of some serious diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, psoriasis, eczema, various allergies, etc. A patient with a minimal amount of clothes put into the cryogenic gas for 2-3 minutes. Cryotherapy treatments can run up to 25 days, with up to four treatments daily, depending on the severity of the disease.

The combination of versatility and high therapeutic efficacy of Cryotherapy, it provides a quick introduction to all areas of medicine. The most obvious and attractive feature of Cryotherapy is the ability to quickly and permanently remove the pain of various origins and stiffness of the joints, but also accelerates the process of wound healing and post-surgical sutures. Pain relief comes in 5-10 minutes after exposure to cold and lasts for 6-8 hours.

Cooling conditions are such that Cryotherapy is used without any age and physiological limitations. Pre-training is not necessary, furthermore Cryotherapy administered even at elevated temperature and to young children. During the procedure, despite such a low temperature, the patient does not experience any discomfort. In addition, as the practice of application, once having felt the impact of the cold healing, patients are looking forward to the next session.

CryotherapyBack in 1971 a Japanese doctor Toshima Yamauchi discovered therapeutic effects of cold on sore joints. And today in his clinic on the island of Kyushu (Japan), due to effectiveness of Cryotherapy treatment, various problems are treated, such as rheumatoid arthritis, coxarthrosis, rheumatism, various arthrosis - arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis at 80% success rate. From 100% infirm, not moving the patients themselves have become a burden to their families, 80% out of the hospital are back on their feet. Toshima Yamauchi found out that in the context of Cryotherapy in the blood of patients the concentration of anti-rheumatic hormones has increased. That is, the body on its own, provides harmless medication for joints, which, unfortunately, pharmacologists were not able to create.

Following and very promising areas of application can be considered: general surgery (proctology and traumatology), gastroenterology, neuropathology and spine specialists, gynecologists and even plastic surgery. Directions are almost endless. There is unusually wide range of positive actions of Cryotherapy by the large number of scientific publications on this topic.

CryotherapySports medicine is not an exception. Attempts are being made to use the Cryotherapy as a safe and physiological stimulator.Cryotherapy Cryotherapy sessions before the competition can increase the chances of winning by increasing the concentration of endorphins in the blood - this doping is not indicated, however, in the prohibited list.

Cryo Sauna will work in your favor if you observe the following rules:

- If you decide to lose weight, do not eat within 2 hours after the procedure

- You need to wear as least as possible, and generally better without any clothes. The larger the area of ​​exposure to the cold, the more pronounced effect

- Do not breathe vapor of liquid nitrogen

- Do not go out immediately after the procedure. It is better to rest 10 minutes in the room

CryotherapyThe procedure is contra-indicated to you, if you have individual intolerance to cold, fever (high body temperature, exacerbation of acute respiratory disease, SARS or other disease).(For full list please see our F.A.Q. Page)

Treatment action influences the whole body, and the organs that were not even subjected to cooling, but its intensity and duration is closely related with contact surface of body and cooling gas. Time of treatment is of great importance. For example for skin cooling lower than +2°C it is necessary not less than 90 sec time, so the treatment action should be 2-3 min. Specifically the intention of cryotherapeutical treatment is directed to the human's skin.

Besides other positive effects (please see our F.A.Q. Page), Cryotherapy allows to lose weight and get rid of cellulitis.