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What is Cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy is the medical and health improving course of treatment, based on short contact of skin with cooled gas (-150 °C to -130 °C or -240 °F to -200 °F). Cryotherapy provides intensive stimulation of immune and basic body systems, generates endorphin saturation in blood and blocks pain of any origin.

What is Cryo Sauna?

Cryo Sauna is the system of equipment for providing Cryotherapy where temperature is in the range from -160°C to -130°C (-250 °F to -200 °F). The time of the session inside the Cryo Sauna is 2.5 to 3.5 minutes.

What does human feel during cryotherapy?

Patient's feelings in Cryo Sauna are dependent on gas temperature. Based on the temperature range there are 3 groups of procedures:

• Extreme Cryotherapy - gas temperature is lower than -160 °C (-250 °F)

• Normal Cryotherapy - from -160 °C to -130 °C (-250 °F to -200 °F)

• Low temperature hypothermia - is higher than -130 °C (-200 °F)

Feelings under Extreme Cryotherapy are almost the same as swimming in the icy water. Normal Cryotherapy is 3 times more comfortable. Under low temperature hypothermia and the discomfort are much less. It is necessary to note that the discomfort from the contact with cooling gas is not related to medical effect provided. Signals that are triggering immune system mobilization extend to the other parts of central nervous system. There is no need to tolerate the "high cold" in Extreme therapy Cryo Saunas as their medical effect 3 times lower than under Normal Cryotherapy.

Cryo Sauna is open at the top. Does it reduce the medical effect?

Theoretically keeping your head in warm atmosphere reduces the effects by 2-3%. Practically, according to high refrigeration capacity of Cryo Sauna, even distribution of body cooling is provided, so properly designed and built Cryo Saunas are more effective than other similar systems.

What are the Health Effects and Benefits?

The list of indications for Cryotherapy is almost endless and is limited only by the specialization of medical institution, which uses the equipment. It is related to the fact, that despite the variety of known diseases, almost all of them are linked to the immune system or metabolism disturbances. And the Cryotherapy has a great positive remedial and normalization influence on immune system and metabolism of the patients.

Here are some, but not limited indications for Cryotherapy use:

• Reduction of general resistance to ilnesses

• Prevention for acute respiratory disease

• Prevention for cardiovascular and broncho-pulmonary diseases

• Prevention for peripheral vessels disease

• Polyarticular rheumatoid arthritis with prior join affection in active (3 extent ) and not active phase

• Ankylosing [rheumatoid] spondylitis

• Skin diseases (eczema, psoriasis, neurodermatitis)

• Anxiety and depression

• General Muscular and Joint pain

• Cellulites and weight loss

• Sport traumas

• General health and body improvement

• And many more

What are the Contra-Indications for Cryotherpay?

If in doubt please consult with your Doctor or Family Physician

Absolute contra-indications:

• Pregnancy

• Poorly controlled Blood Pressure (over 180/100)

• Recent Heart attack or stroke (3 months)

• Uncontrolled epileptic seizures

• Unstable chest pain

• Raynaud's Syndrome

• Severe Dementia (can't understand directions)

• Cardiac Pacemaker

• Cold-activated Asthma and/or Allergies (very rare)

Relative contra-indications:

• Recent trauma or surgery

• Open wounds

• Fever

• Incontinence

• Infections